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What Can I do with Broken Circular Needles?

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

Broken circular needles make GREAT stitch holders! Or how about jumper needles (just like a circular, but each needle is separate and the other side of the cable has a stopper instead of a needle) Don’t toss them, reuse them.

What can you use as a stopper?

  1. A strong metal clip – it’s quick and easy! Just make sure it won’t fall off at the wrong time…

  2. A rubber knitting needle point protector – use the right one for the size of the needle and you’ll get a “circular” stitch holder!

  3. A bead – yup, that’s what Clover uses for their jumper needles. Use super glue or other glue to attach the bead to the end of the cable

  4. Part of an Eraser – could work as long as it’s well attached. If you’re using a “block” of eraser (vs an eraser from the top of a pencil), it could get heavy so cut it as small as you can without risking your stitches falling off.

Make sure your stopper isn’t too heavy, won’t fall off of the cable and isn’t so small that stitches will fall past the stopper.

Where do We get our Broken Circulars?

Unfortunately, we tend to create lots of them. Murphy’s Law suggests that we create more of them on vacation, far from a store where we could get a replacement. Circular needles tend to bend and break at the area where the cable joins the needle. Why?

  1. Needle length – no, not the length of the cable but the actually wood/metal part with the point. Depending on how large the knitter’s hand is and how the knitter holds the needle, there can be high pressure on that joint between the needle and cable from the knitter’s hand.

  2. How the knitter holds the needle – see above, holding the needle too close to the cable can increase the chances of breakage at the cable join to the needle.

  3. Product Quality – lack of a good glue job, quality materials etc can also increase the chances of breakage.

But…Broken Circulars/Interchangables will be replaced!

We know we can ask for a replacement.  Hiya Hiya wanted us to fill out forms and swear that we didn’t abuse the needle.   Come on…we wanted our needle to work, we didn’t purposefully or neglectfully remove the metal thingie from the clear cord!  Who would do such a thing when the only recourse is to get another?   Bye-a Bye-a to Hiya Hiya!  If we reported every KnitPicks cord, we’d be calling every week and we’re tired of the cord failures. Louet said to fill out a warranty form, no questions asked. Yup, no questions but no replacement cord either.

Fight against broken Circulars/Interchangables!

After lots of grief about the number of broken needles, Wilbur said “Ok, ONE more set…make it a good quality one because I’m NOT replacing another bunch of needles!” So we hunted around. Guess what? Most of the knitting needles these days are made in low quality places. We even considered $300 knitting needles!? Wilbur changed his mind…get a good quality, CHEAP set of knitting needles. Yeah, right.

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