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Review: Embrilliance AlphaTricks

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

Have you wondered whether AlphaTricks is worth the money? Honestly, this is a subjective decision. Many people can live without it. But if you really love embroidery fonts, you may feel that it’s worth the expense. You can watch the videos to see if you think that AlphaTricks is right for you.

Embrilliance AlphaTricks has a few features that are not in the Embrilliance Express (free) version. Still, we think that it’s DEFINITELY worth $40, but $100? EEK! But hey, you judge for yourself (see the video). One HUGE improvement would be to allow you to have ONE entry per font, then from there, choose the size (you know…like every other computer program in the world!). That would add at least $20 of value alone. The video below shows how to rename the fonts in AlphaTricks.

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