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QuickTip: Add a Leash to your Heddle or Reed Hook

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

Have you ever been threading your heddles and dropped the hook? Save time and add convenience! Add a leash to your heddle hook! This tip works for your reed hook too!

A leash won’t prevent you from dropping the hook, but it will prevent it from falling on your foot and will allow you to easily retrieve the hook without having to bend down or get off of the bench to get the hook.

Creating a Leash

What you’ll need is:

  1. a long piece of string/yarn

  2. your hook

  3. scissors to cut the string/yarn

  4. Hold your hook comfortably in your hand.

  5. Insert the hook into the heddle.

  6. Measure a piece of string or yarn from the breast beam edge closest to you to the end of the heddle hook when its inserted into the heddle.

  7. Multiply the measurement by 2 and add 12″, then cut the string to that length (12″ should give you some slack so that you’re comfortable and not pulling the string while you’re threading your heddles.

  8. Fold the string in half and tie a knot to create a large loop

  9. Tie or loop the string to the hook.

  10. Loop the string around the breast beam

  11. Adjust the string length, as needed. Most of the time, this length will be shorter than the breast beam to the floor, but if it hits the floor and you realize it’s longer than you need to reach the heddles (even those back ones), then you can shorten the string.

If you drop your hook again, you can grab the string from the breast beam and pull the hook up!

This idea comes from OpalGoose, who was tired of us getting upset every time the hook fell down. BRILLIANT IDEA Opal! THANKS!

The mint green yarn is a leash! It’s tied to the breast beam.

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