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Quick tips for Labeling your Knitting Machine

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

Tip 1: Label Your Parts

When we get a knitting machine with lots of parts, we label them with our P-Touch label maker so that we don’t forget which machine each part goes with. But what should we do for smaller parts that aren’t large enough for a label? To avoid forgetting which machine each part goes with, we came up with this labeling method.

We put a small index card in a baggie, then labeled the index card with the name of the part and the machine it came from. Based on the number of ebay auctions for misc, unlabeled parts, we think that many people should be labeling their parts too! We then put the baggies in our plastic drawers near our knitting machine.

Labeling Small Knitting Machine Parts

Tip 2: Label your Carriages

Do you keep forgetting what those abbreviations and symbols on your Knitting Machine Carriage mean? Use your P-touch labeler to help you out!

Check the manual and it will have all of the names of those abbreviations and meanings of the symbols.

Knitting Carriage

Do the same thing for your Ribber Carriage. It will save you time by not having to check the manual every time you want to knit.

Ribber Carriage

Ribber Carriage

Here’s a video about our labeling

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