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Glimakra Julia Tie Up

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

We hate to tie up the loom, particularly Julia. It’s so small and the breast beam is not removable. It feels like you’re sitting in a cage that is too small, trying to move as only a contortionist could do! Finally, we figured out that the modified Pilates V was the best way. Yes, balance on your butt, legs over the lamms, reach in between and tie up. Good for the core, but not a comfortable tie up. Leaning over the breast beam was not better. Lifting the loom is not realistic for us.

Finally, after trying to deny that a tie up would be needed, we realized that there is indeed a better way! Julia is small, very small. There is no rule that says that you HAVE to sit at the front of the loom to tie up. Folks, Julia has 4 sides. Much of the tie up can be easily done (or easier done?) from the sides. If your arms can reach the center, you’re in good shape. Sit at one of the sides and tie up. Is it a “comfortable” exercise? No. Is it better than crouching in a cage? Yes! Is it better than a pilates work out? Depends on who you ask.

Some areas may be better from the back, some may be better from one side or the other. None of the areas are better from the front.

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